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House Calls which includes Full Examinations and Round Trips

Please phone or text for house call fees
Which depends on variables, including distance.


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General Services

Conventional Medicine

Examinations & Treatments: especially for ears, eyes, skin, allergies, intestines, joints, legs, spine, kidney and liver problems. 

Laboratory Tests

Body chemistries, CBC; thyroid, needle biopsies, heartworm, tick tests including Lymes, fecal panels. 


Integrative & Holistic Medicine

Laser Acupuncture


Euthanasia is the most difficult decision for pet owners. When no other effective means of alleviating pain and suffering remain, it would be a humane and necessary procedure of immeasurable worth. Dr. Neil helps you to have a better understanding of your pets health condition, assess their degree of pain and suffering, and discuss when is the right time for euthanasia. The goal is to make sure you have a completely informed decision. We provide a compassionate way of saying goodbye to your beloved pet in the comfort of your home.

Specialty Service

Pain-Free Laser Acupuncture for Dogs and Cats

Acupuncture is now an accepted therapeutic choice in veterinary medicine and is being taught at many veterinary schools. Dr. Wolff uses a safe portable soft infra-red laser machine. The procedure uses no needles, with the patient having no pain and often has a very relaxing experience, especially in their own home. Across the board, success rates are very high for certain ailments. Laser Acupuncture is different than general laser therapy machines 

If any of the below applies, your pet may be a perfect fit

Does your beloved dog not run like he or she used to? Or the hind legs are dragging a bit more? Or is there increased trouble in just getting up or lying down? Or even exercise intolerance has increased?

Does your cat seem in pain?