About Dr. Neil

Dr. Neil Wolff

Dr. Wolff has been in practice for over 30 years. He mainly treats dogs and cats and offers an array of approaches to animal veterinary care, including conventional medicine, integrative medicine, vaccines only if needed, fecal ova and parasites and giardia tests, Heartworm and tick tests including for Lymes, diagnostic and preventative screening tests, holistic medicine, including over 30 years of acupuncture experience and the latest new forefronts in innovative animal therapies.

He is also very experienced in helping older dogs with walking and other problems. He has been a very strong advocate for animal protection and welfare causes and was the founder of a non-profit veterinary organization to protect animals in a crisis that eventually became part of the Humane Society of the United States. He is licensed in 5 states.

What People Say About Dr. Neil

Tony Schorr

I met Dr. Neil through a friend. Gunner had joint pain and was limping. I spoke with Dr. Neil, and he asked if he knew about laser treatment. Dr. Neil came to my house and gave Gunner a full exam. He then gave Gunner his first Laser treatment. He said we should give Gunner 4 treatments, 1 every 4 or 5 days apart, and wait to see results. Gunner is 100% improved! And when Dr. Neil comes to give Gunner a follow-up treatment, Gunner meets him at the door, and sits down for him, and enjoys it. Dr. Neil is a very special person. His love for animals and his work is priceless. Gunner and I are happy we found him. 

Cathy Grodsky

Thank you, thank you, thank you,Dr. Wolff! I can't say enough good things about how Dr. Wolff treated our dog Violet last week. She is often scared, but Dr. Wolff's gentle, caring and calm approach put her at ease. And we are so grateful for Dr. Wolff's medical skills. It's such a relief to finally get a diagnosis after going to other Vets. We are so glad that we took our friend's recommendation and called Dr. Wolff to come to our home. We will be spreading the word.

Lolly Prince

Dr. Wolf has taken care of our dogs for 30 years. He is caring, thorough, and empathetic. Our Josie passed last October at age 15. Dr. Wolf was very attentive with good care, counseling. And soon we start again with our new Penelope". He is a caring Doctor and a friend.


I don't think I can thank you enough for how you treated my beloved cat, Rosa when she was so sick. You did a great job with me, too! Your coming over when I called in the evening when she was in complete distress still makes me feel so grateful. Rosa never liked being put in the carrier, and your coming to my homemade things so much easier for her. rice This is the only way I will ever have my pets taken care of from now on.


Dr. Wolff recently was very helpful with my cats vomiting problem. His housecalls are very much needed around here.


My family loves Dr. Wolff. He has been our family vet for the past 20+ years. I am grateful for his experience, knowledge, patience, and gentle tableside manner. I wish him the best in life and with his practice.


Dr. Neil really came through and helped my Luke when he needed it the most - highly recommended.


Dr. Neil was amazing. My dog Chloe had been suffering w a syndrome for over 2 yrs, and I've been to a few vets over that time to no avail.

DR. Neil (Wolff) actually remedied the situation just after the first visit. Besides his large amount of experience, he seemed to have this certain knack, sensibility, and unique approach. And sincere compassion. He has been by vet ever since, and I don't live near Greenwich. He's even helped us out when he was available after hrs and on weekends and prevented a few ER visits. Highly recommend.